If You Would Only Listen I Could Make It Quiet

NEW Album Release 31.08.22

We make abstract music. There are themes, but they are either expressed a few times over the span of an whole album, or repeated at length until your brain might forget it’s even there.

I like polish. I love music that floats, one idea seamlessly blending into the next. Elegance hidden in plain sight. I do, but on If You Would… we have worked hard to never let you really sleep on the material. It needs to be relevant to you, and we hope that the listener will discover new things as they listen more than once, both on the micro- and macro-scale of the music.

We’ve intentionally left many imperfections for you to ponder on. There are clicks and pops. There are imperfect loops. There are sudden endings or variations in volume. You will wonder How did they do that? And you are welcome to. You will probably wonder about the quality of the music; if you like it or not. You are welcome to. You are meant to. We have done our part. Now we hope to provoke you to think about music, maybe even in a new way.

We will not hold your hand. We will not demand that you like what we do.

But we hope you will listen.

Written by Einar Frøysa/